sick hen with bubbles in mouth

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    Does anyone know of a disease or condition that includes bubbles or thick spit in the chickens mouth.

    Hen is Polish and a year and four months. Coop is unheated and pine shaving for bedding. She was found under the nest box laying down. No sign of injury and no sign of difficulty before now. She is having trouble standing and my son said she had watery poop. I'm going to check and see if it is poop or possibly an egg broken. She is in the dog crate in the basement. Her beak is sticky and if you look in it is thick saliva with bubbles in it. Any ideas
  2. her lungs are filling with fluid (pneumonia)
    This is a symptom caused by something else though. Probably an upper resp. infection. You can make a sling and attach it to the top of the dog cage to help keep her upright and breathing while you try antibiotics. If she does not improve by the 3-4 day, then cull her. Keep her away from other chickens at all cost until she is cured.
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    Apr 14, 2012
    What ended up happening?

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