Sick hen

cowboy bob

Apr 9, 2018
Hi I have one of eight hens that has become well disheveled looking For the last three days she hasn’t been able to get into the coop at night. The coop is about 3 ft above ground with a ramp. She is three years old, a little unsteady, has a pale comb,eats and drinks but under weight. Fed them some grapes and she couldn’t seem to take from my hands And not very interested in them on the ground Which is unusual. Eyes look clear, no discharge from eyes nostrils or mouth. No coughing she’s a road island red. any clues would be nice.


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Dec 11, 2009
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You are the one that needs to provide clues.

How about weather? How hot has it been? Rainy?

What is your location? That give us many clues.

Laying history. Any egg quality problems? Last time the hen laid an egg was when?

Diet including treats. Have you ever had feed go bad? Moldy?

Compost piles. Got one that the chickens play in?

Have you imported top soil lately?

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