Sick hens.


9 Years
Jun 10, 2010
About 10 days ago, I got a humane society hen. I put her in an isolation cage, and have been careful to sanitize my hands after each contact. She is NOT sick so far.

However, 3 days ago I noticed a hen with some nasal discharge. I didn't think about it because I had just stirred up a bit of dust in the coop while raking out old hay and putting down fresh.

2 days ago I saw that 4 of my hens had swollen eyes and were breathing 'gurgly'. I immediately dosed the water with duramycin. I had to go away with my son to a scouting camp out last night. They were dosed with meds while I was gone. Today their eyes are hardly swollen at all, but their breathing is still 'gurgly', and they have nasal discharge.

1. What do they have? Am I treating with the right medication?

2. Before I got the humane society hen, I got an EE at a swap. I did not realize about the quarantine thing until I asked some questions here. That has been about 2 weeks. Did the EE bring it in?

3. Are they going to make it?

Thanks for the help, in advance.
I personally think Yes it is OK, but there are some BYC members who believe it extends the withdrawal period.

They all got it.

Everyone is still alive. They all but stopped laying, and had duramycin in their water for 9 days. I still have about 4 sick ones, and I have a barred rock with her right eye extremely swollen.

Should I keep up the antibiotics for another week? Anything I can do for the barred rock?
our chickens had same symptoms. vet gave us sulfa to treat them, however we can not eat the eggs until well after treatments are done. We aren't getting many anyways. I think it is an upper respiratory infection.
I am pretty sure Imp was right and mine had mycoplasma. The isolated chicken never got sick, so I assume it came from somewhere else. I am not sure how much longer I can keep them on antibiotics, but a few of them are still sick.

They produced a combined 2 eggs yesterday. I hope they get better soon.
Sorry to hear they are still sick. Not being a chicken doctor, the best advice is that I can give is: Since you know they are sick doing anything is probably better than nothing. Can you switch up from duramycin to tylan or some other antibiotic? It might be one of those things where you keep treating and try to outlast it. Hoping for the best.


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