Sick or dying hens ??? Help Please


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
I am new to chickens and this forum so I am learning. my dominate hen is not acting right. She is closing her eyes a lot lying down a lot and today she even laid her head on the ground. She let me touch her which she doesn't do. Her comb ( if that's what you call the red thing on her head) was standing up and now its flopped over. When I let them out today she ran into the gate post. What can I do for her?

Sorry to hear about your sick hen. I just lost one 20 minutes go with similar symptoms. That doesn't mean you will loose yours.

I would just try to keep her comfortable untill someon else responds with more experience.

Keep her away from the other hens in your flock. For stress reasons and also if she is contagious you don't want to pass it along to the other birds.

If you have some electolites you can give them to her with an eye dropper.

Good Luck
She is eating and drinking fine. Poop was yellow today i guess from the left over squash from the garden. The left eye is the one she keeps closed but she can open it and does at times. No discharge from nowhere.
maybe this will work.

I would isolate her from the rest of the flock. Give her a nice cool spot to rest. If you don't already have it, get her some Poly-Vi-Sol without Iron and give her a couple of drops on her favorite food. She could be just stressed from something or might have been in a fight for pecking order. Watch for changes in poo color and structure. Watch for swelling around the eye. Maybe give her some plain yogurt.

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