sick or injured chicken new to this and not sure what to do

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    Feb 8, 2014
    I have a chicken that seems sick or injured. She can barely walk. She just kind of moves slowly around. She can't go up the steps and I keep finding her hiding. She also isn't eating much. I've tried giving her bread and egg shells. She takes a couple of bites and moves on. She is the first to go in the coup at night and the last to come out in the morning. Not sure if she is sick or injured. And if she is sick can she spread it to the other chickens? Should I be feeding her something special? Should I bring it in the garage and do we have to be careful for any disease from it? Any and All advice will be welcome. Thanks!

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    Hi & [​IMG], It's hard to give advice when we don't know how old your hen is or what other symptoms she has - like what does her poo look like? You need to inspect her. Is she bleeding? Is she laying age and egg bound? Was she being picked on by other birds? What do her eyes look like? Does she have poo stuck to her vent and tail feathers? Birds can go down hill quickly when they aren't eating and drinking. When they are sick they often look "fluffed up" run a fever and they can get lethargic - not wanting to move.

    Yes she should be separate her from the others and move her somewhere with heat if, it's cold where you live . Try to get her to eat and drink. You can give her cooked scrambled egg- mashed up with plain regular yogurt and add some gator-aid to her drinking water. it's unlikely that handling her will make you sick but, to be safe - make sure you wash your hands, don't let small children handle her and don't ware the same shoes, clothes to care for your other birds so if, she does have something contagious your other birds will have less exposure.
    Good Luck.
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    Is she walking funny? If so check her for being egg bound,to do this put on gloves w lubricant and insert finger into vent,you are feeling for an egg or broken egg. Treatment for egg binding is warm water bath to relax and calcium or tums tablet or liquid calcium to help pass egg. Keep her quiet and calm.

    Check her for crop issues such as an impact or sour crop. Check her crop at night after eating all day,should be full,check in morning before eating ,should be empty. For sour crop,crop may feel squishy or there may be a smell coming from mouth.

    Bring her inside to monitor her and determine what the issue is. Make sure she is eating/drinking.
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  4. Feliz

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    Feb 8, 2014
    Thank you for all your helpful advice!!!

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