Sick or injured leg?


10 Years
Oct 14, 2009
woke up this morning with a sick or injured pullet. She limps when she walks and prefers to stand puffed up with her head tucked in sleeping, her tail is down, and she mostly holds th one leg up. Felt the leg and it is a little warm up near the joint. She's drinking and eating fine. We seperated her so the others wouldn't start picking on her. Any suggestions on what the problem may be or what we should do about it? Already put some tape on the leg for support, I figured that wouldn't hurt anything. I'm hoping she just needs to let it rest so it will heal. She was fine yesterday. I wonder if she landed wrong coming out of the roost this morning.
many a pulled muscle have occured from landing funny off the roost. One day fine, next day hobbling. As long as she can move on her own she should be alright in the run with everyone. You may want to go out at night to offer help up to the roosts, and early in the am to offer help getting off again. I did this for a Rhode Island hen that had a hip injury for a week. Only problem was that she wants a "free ride" now every morning even though she does not limp anymore. HA
well, it doesn't look good. I'm beginning to think a hurt leg wasn't the problem, she just died in my lap

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