sick or weak HELP!!!!


6 Years
Jan 1, 2014
Central Florida
I have a little silkie who is about 11 or 12 weeks. I have always worried about her. She was wet for weeks after hatching, she is the smallest. My flock is 2 buff orpington's and 5 silkies. Over the last month or so she has seperated herself from the rest. If they were in the run she would go to the coop, when all the chickens go in for the night she comes out. I started working that they were not letting her eat so I fed her separately (but yesterday i noticed the other chicks still taking her food). This morning I went to check on her and she is very wobbly and weak. I set her up in her own cage to feed her. She ate a little but still isn't herself. She walks a little and kind rolls over. I was worried about coccidia but poop looks normal. Not sure what to do or how to help her. Advise?

This is her.

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