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    Apr 17, 2010
    Ok so I have this young buck who I got with his litter mate, another buck and a doe who was also related to the pair. this poor little boy developed crusty STUFF on his eye lids, nose, face, ears, and joints of his legs. I brought him in once and scrapped it off and it healed up fine and no more developed. This time I've had him in for a while, scrapped it off and soothed it with neosporin (without pain killers in it) but it keeps coming back and getting worse. I'm not sure what to put him on. The other two he came with have the barest touches of it on their eyes and ears but no where near as bad as this poor little guy.... he has also lost weight and become VERY thin. I have two other rabbits that did not come with those and show no signs of this at all, even though I treat them all exactly the same here are some pictures of this buck-

    his ears both look like this

    that is actually his eye, it is where it is the worse

    that is a rather bad picture of his nose, it looks much like his ears. The orange is the carrot my sister was feeding him as a bribe to hold still.

    this a all over picture of the poor baby.
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    Jan 12, 2010
    Going to take a stab and say mites... But there are other diseses out there. If your rabbit is getting thin and sickly, you need to act fast.

    Read this it may help
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