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I have a 10 month old Pumpkin Hulsey Roo. He was the leading man in my flock and the girls loved him. About 2 weeks ago I noticed him limping. Caught him checked him out didn't see anything wrong with the foot/leg he was limping on. With in about 3-4 days of limping he was down unable to walk. Poop is really yellowish. There is a LOT of clear water with the yellow colored part looking firm and formed normally. His comb had been bloody looking but then 2 days ago it looked normal and looked good. Now today it looks purple. He is eating and drinking well. I have had this happen now to 5 or 6 roosters. Only the roosters. A couple have recovered just fine and a couple I had PTS. I'm about ready to give up because it seems as if no matter how much I change my bio control, disinfect so on and so forth I"m still having issues with chickens getting ill.
I have read here that a purple comb is a sign of a lack of oxygen. Could be that the breed/ genetic line you have has a problem
Is this rooster the only rooster around? Or is there another rooster that he could be fighting with? I ask because of the bloody comb. He could have gotten a leg injury with whatever caused his comb damage.

You can not be certain if it's an illness or disease unless you have him necropsied. How does his eyes look? Any discharge from eyes or nose? Any grayish color in the eyes?
His eyes look bright and clear. I have him isolated from the rest of the flock so it's not from fighting. This is like the 6th rooster in the past year I've had present the exact same symptoms and it's only the always starts with lameness. I will try to get a picture of him.
None of them came from the same place and none of the others are on the place any more. In this picture see how pale and whitish he looks yet along the top of the comb he looks purple. the pale and white spotting is all new today. Yesterday his color was great


He just lays around all day like this...some times he rolls over onto his side. Is there anything I can give him to help or does he need to be humanly PTS?

This is so sad. I'm so sorry. If you can, please consider the help of an avian vet. Too many of your birds going through this - important to know what's going on so that this one can be saved and others can be spared. Alternatively, contact if you can, Peter Bown of First State Vet Supply. You can speak with him via phone.
You'll be able to e-mail pics and talk to him about the problem and he can get you any meds needed. He's a wealth of knowledge. I would really hurry - that roo looks like he needs help fast. Yet this may be something completely fixable if treated in time.
Please keep us posted.

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