Sick Screeching Rooster - What illness??

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    Aug 4, 2011
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    Hi everyone!

    We just lost one of our hens the other day (she got really lethargic, had a cough/screech sound, and within two days she passed away). Now, our rooster Rufio has a similar siren/screech sound or cough, and we're trying to figure out if its a virus or a respiratory infection????

    Just bleached and cleaned the whole coop, put down DE for any lice (had some in the summer), put some antibiotics in their water, etc.

    We move the rooster into our garage by a heat lamp so he can stay warm and try to heal. Any advice??? Or diagnosis??? Thank you!
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    Quote:I'm not exactly sure what it could be. Haven't had lots of experience with them being sick except when mine got wet pox. I gave him a shot of penicillian in is breast twice a day for 2 days and you'd have never know that he was almost at deaths door!! Maybe try that!! [​IMG]

    Hope you can get him better!! [​IMG]

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