Sick serama please help!

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My serama is sick. His eye is swollen and I cannot tell if its puss or his eyeball I am so worried have been treating him with duramycin-10 its not working please help don't know what to do or what it is. All I know is it is contagious and my other birds are starting to get it. I also did some compresses to see if I could soften the yellow what I think might be puss and it is still hard. I need help please. Also his comb is swollen and the other eye is watering.
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Could it be fowl pox? If it's hard like that it sounds like pox. You can take that "core" (yellow stuff) out and make sure he can see to eat and he should be fine if it's pox
You have to do it every day though. In my experience, as long as it is dry pox and not wet(even though they can get through this as well) as long as you peel those scabs off so they can see to eat and drink, the virus will run it's course and your bird will be fine.

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