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Apr 8, 2014
I just recently bought 6 white silkie chicks from a local feed store. They are about a week and a half old now and I have noticed that one of them is about half the size of the others. Last night I also noticed that it was limping. All the others chicks are healthy and run around and play while this one goes and finds a corner away from the others and falls asleep. They are being fed medicated chick food. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know. Thanks.
What you might do is see if your local vet can help you with the problem. Also, do you have your chicks on electrolites? You can get a pack of 3 mixes for $2. Other wise, you might want to quarantine the little chick. I know of some people who have wrapped up the injured leg and they have made sure to keep them laying down. Although, check on the little chick about every hour or so, make sure its eating a little and drinking. Hope this helps! Oh, could you keep me updated on how the little on is doing? Thanks!

I haven't given them any electrolites. Many people have told me it could be a vitamin deficiency. It doesn't seem to have any pain in its leg and doesn't look like it has any broken bones. And I will keep you updated.
Oh, ok. Sorry it wasn't much help! Hope your little one gets better soon!

Run thumb down back of leg(from hock to shank) or gently roll leg between fingers,whichever is easier due to her small size. If tendon has slipped it will feel loose/springy similar to an elastic band. Press down you should feel it snap back into place. This may have to be done several times a day until it stays in place or you can wrap to keep it in place.
Does the leg appear injured at all, or warm to the touch? Its possible the leg just got bruised, or it could be slipped tendon. Or, it could be the beginnings of Marek's disease. Do you know if they were vaccinated?

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