Sick Tom...HELP my first time with Turkeys

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by KirkKoop, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Sep 6, 2010
    I recently took a Tom and Hen from a friend. Ive had them about a week. All was good until about 3 days ago. The Tom has become very depressed, lethargic, won't eat or drink, and he has a fluid sounding gurgle in his throat.

    I was researching and became concerned about blackhead since he was raised with chickens and I also have free-range chickens at my farm. I got some Flagyl and prepared a dose for him (mixed with yogurt). Once I had him caught, I brought him inside the house and got a good look. He felt very warm (not sure what a normal temp is on a turkey, but it seemed elevated). I managed to get the medicine in him which he did very well with. But as I was getting a good look I noticed some thick ocular discharge.

    So now I am thinking this is more of an upper respiratory infection. Any input will help!

    This was Tom just two days apart...drastically different bird.



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    Are the turks quarantined from the rest of the flock?

    Could be the stress of moving made the poor guy more susceptible to something or other. If it is viral there isn't much one can do beyond palliative/supportive treatment (electrolytes/crushed hard boiled eggs/etc). Viral respiratory disease can result in secondary bacterial infection (could be primary bacterial - don't know) and some folks treat with antibiotics prophylactically. Check this long running thread for ideas on treatment/dosage:

    check droppings for any unusual color/consistency.
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    And if I might add, keep him hydrated![​IMG]
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    Not good. How is he doing this morning?

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