Sick Turkey Help!!!


9 Years
Jun 18, 2010
Ruston Louisiana
So my only turkey hen that is left is sick!! She is still walking around and eating her feed and drinking. But she want feed in the pasture and she is laying and acting slugish! I consalidated her. What do I do know??? Please Help??
I'm sorry about your turkey. I think a little more description could be helpful. I hope it gets better. Tomorrow I have to put down one of my two BB hens so I know how much panic you must be feeling
Today she cant even walk. Only one of her legs seems to still be functioning correctly. She isn't eating and is bearly drinking. And im sorry about you two BB hens Brownsheep.
Do you have any vitamins to give her? How old is she? We really need more info so that we can try to help you? Can you hand feed her? What meds do you have on hand for situations like this?

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