Sick Wyandotte


8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
We have a Golden Laced Wyandotte that has been acting funny for the last week. She was broody then stopped. Since then she has been a bit of a loner. In the last two days she has stopped standing and struggles to stand, she eats and we think drinks, her comb is pale. We did notice a great deal of poo clumping on her butt, so we washed her to be sure the vent was open. She is separated from the flock at this point. We have not encountered anything like this before. Thoughts? We would like to save her if possible.
Check her for bugs first. Broodies tend to get a lot more bugs than the rest of the flock because they are sedentary, coop bound and not grooming themselves well.

Pale combs are normal for broodies because of the hormonal shifts. As is the tendency to isolate themselves from their peers. The leg issues are also not unheard of. Sedentary hens get stiff as a board like the rest of us. She may have pinched a nerve or just have generalized lameness from being seated for a long period of time.

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