Sickish Serama Hen


7 Years
Jun 20, 2016
So I have an adult Serama hen that I got from a friend (I don't know her age) and she hasn't been like her self lately. She did lose three chicks about two weeks ago but I don't think that was the reason. She isn't drinking or eating much so I did give her a mash that has her food, one whole raw egg, eggshells, and a small bit of Probiotic meant for chicks. She gobbled it up as well as her water. She did poop in her food before I took it out and ate it too. Her water had food, feathers, straw, and some poop in it. Water was almost clear with some cloudiness to it. She does eat some of her straw (I am keeping her in the garage until she can get a friend/mate) and doesn't go outside unless the weather allows it to happen. Due to the lack of light, she isn't laying. She has diarrhea and not the usual kind but like watery and looks chopped up badly. I am giving her water with a dewormer that she has used previously and was fine as well as some probiotic for chicks to help with her digestive system. What should I do and any tips?
I would try giving her Corid for Coccidiosis. That bacteria would be a concern if her food and water had poop in it.
Chickens can eat raw eggs

I know that they can, but generally this can lead to egg eating. It's also not recommended to feed to an unhealthy chicken, as they are more susceptible to bacteria. I for one, never feed raw eggs to my chickens, and I know that many others do the same. It's so simple and easy to just scramble up an egg, so that's what I would recommend.

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