Sickly baby chick, please help!


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
We recently got our first chickens. They are now just over a week old and one has been quite sick. She is Failing to thrive, lethargic, droopy wings and bloody poop, eyes closed etc. I started them on a sulpha based treatment on friday night (it was all we could get at the last minute) and Cocci-vet on saturday. Yesterday peep peep seemed to have pepped up considerably but today seems to be worse and is sneezing much more. she is making the saddest little cheaping noises :(. I have been supplementing her with a high protein baby bird starter. Is there anything else i can do? is she likely to survive or am i delaying the inevitable?
Do you have them in a brooder on pine shavings? One week old seems very young for coccidiosis. Is it for sure blood in the poops and not intestinal shed? Sorry for asking so many questions. Did these chicks come from a hatchery or a breeder? I looked up cocci-vet and it's main ingredient is amprollium, same as Corid, so that is good, but since it is for birds rather than chickens, I don't know if the dosage is the same. Make sure that she is drinking the medicated water--that is more important right now. The sneezing is also unusual--did the breeder have any respiratory problems in their flock? Be sure and keep her extra warm since chicks who are sick require more heat.
Yes they are in a brooder with fresh pine shavings everyday and a lamp. It definitely looked like blood to me, bright red, it was quite mucousy though. No blood for 24 hours now though. I got them from a produce store, but i believe they breed the pure bred chickens on site. They did not mention anything about respiratory problems at all, but i have just now noticed the poor little thing has lice as well, so their conditions must have been less than optimal i think. I am offering her a few extra drops of the medicated water every hour with a syringe. I will get my husband to pick up a warmer bulb for the light. What else do you think it could be if not coccidiosis? Thanks for your reply!
Bloody stools is probably cocciosis. Hopefully the sneezing isn't something to worry about, but watch for any eye or facial swelling, nasal discharge, or eye bubbles. If those occur you may need toadd an antibiotic such as Tylan 50 at a dosage of 1/8 to 1/4 ml daily by mouth for 5 days. Then just treat him.

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