Side swept bangs?

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  1. Hi,
    I need some pictures and opinions. I really wanna get side swept bangs I have medium long hair a little bellow my shoulders because the hair styleist I had last time decided to mess up [​IMG]. Anways my question is if some people can give me websites and pictures of celebrity's hair style's? And would it look good with my leaghth of hair? Can you get images of the models or whatever with that length and the bangs? Thank you!

    If you don't know what side swept bangs are there like Miley Cyrus's

    [​IMG] < my favorite!

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  2. Seems like that's something that could be done with long or short hair. If you have a bob for example, the bangs could do that, but all the hair would be that length more or less. With shoulder length you could do flat out bangs, and the rest long... OR you could do a layered thing.

    I can't stand bangs myself... bad enough the whispies that pop up and wave at everyone (Gran said we just have very friendly hair)... but for those that like having bangs that looks like a cute way to do it.

    I just did a quick google "side swept bangs" and there's boodles of examples... Jenn Aniston to Cam Diaz to Nicole Richie and everyone in between.

    Take a gander and scroll if you like...
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    I've got them, and I really like how they look on me. My only complaint is an obvious one: They sometimes get in your eye. [​IMG] But I like them, so I reccomend it.
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    What about your job? Would hair in your eyes (cuz that's where it's gonna be) be a problem for you? I work in a laboratory and have to look down a lot while working and the hair in my eyes is a real big problem. So...I don't have the side swept bang thang. I do have bangs but not as long as that.
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    I have them, sorta...My hair is long, half way down my back. So my bangs are long too. I always have my hair in a pony-tail, to keep it out of my face, so I pull my bangs back too. I love my bangs when I have my hair down. [​IMG] And my mom is a hair stylist...So I can do anything with them. [​IMG] I would also reccomend them. [​IMG]
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    Instead of looking at your hair length...look at the shape of your face and the length of your forehead. Are the bangs going to make your forehead look even larger or smaller than a "normal" person? Will it make your round face look even more round?
  7. I'm gonna get them by the end of this month [​IMG]
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  8. Quote:I have a heart shaped face and I've had bangs before I think they looked pretty good
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    I have side swept bangs. The first time I cut them I kept them long, probably down to my lips, because I wasn't sure if I would like them. If I didn't like them, then I could just tuck them behind an ear and get on with life. As it turns out, I ended up liking them a lot. Now I keep them cut shorter. If they are well 'trained' and trimmed they don't get in your eyes. It's a versatile style, you can keep them long or short, it all looks good.

    You will have to 'train' the hair to fall across your forehead, it probably won't happen naturally. A flat iron and hairspray works well, and keeping them pinned down with a bobby pin for awhile works too.
  10. Quote:Yeah I have curly hair so I was planning on straighting it anyway. because it would look really weird if I didn't lol

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