Siding on coop- need plywood under Smart-siding?


8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
Wimberley, Texas
I am in South-central TX, HOT summers and mild winters. Building a smaller coop 8'x7' and wondering if I can just use the Smart siding sheets from home depot- which I think is 3/8" thick, its like a plywood with groves and already primed (NOT Hardi-cement board, I have used that with plywood before). I don't mind adding the plywood under if needed. Thoughts? Anyone used the Smart siding before?
I used that on my coup with nothing underneath. If you haven't already bought the siding let me suggest you check out the same stuff at Lowes. The pattern on their siding makes it look more like weathered barnwood. I helped out a friend that bought his at Lowes AND I think his looked better. They are both made fromt he same stuff, but the Lowes pattern was more natural looking.
I've got two outbuildings with Smart siding (a 10x20 shed and a 10x20 horse run-through). On both it's installed directly to the frame and I've had no issues. It wasn't difficult to cut either, just used my circular saw with a standard blade.
I used it it from Lowes and loved it. With a nail gun and those sheets you can frame it up in minutes. Frame wall. Lay the sheet on. True one side and nail. True the perpendicular side, nail...perfectly square wall.
I build sheds as a side job and have used it on a few jobs already this year with no problems. It is a great product for a coop and no you don't need plywood underneath it.
Post pics as you go!
Used it on mine directly over the studs and it works well. Put 2 coats of exterior paint over it. Used deck screws slightly countersunk and filled with paintable caulk.
You do not notice any screws. The stuff is already preprimed.

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