*sigh* broody question....

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Can't Decide
11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
I have 2 broodies, one that's mean as none other and one that's pretty docile. They are in with the gen pop in the coop, and I think that resulted in the other chickens eating the pipping eggs while the broodies went out to do their business. This is the question:

If I separated the broodies, can I put them together? And how much room would they need, I would put them in a dog crate with a little fenced in yard at the mouth of it a few feet by a few feet....Together or alone???
I would seperate them. This is the set up I used for mine. It is a watermellon crate I got from my local grocery store. I did let/take her out 1-2 times per day. Now her and the chick come and go as they please and the rest of the flock pretty much ingnors them. Good luck!

I'm beginning to think that broodies are a whole other kind of issue compared to the incubator. I'm having broody issues also. I have had a millie who has spent two days trying to steal the nest of some cochins. The eggs are due today and one just hatched under the millie - now she is desperate to get it back.

I tried caging her with different eggs and she went ballistic.

I have caged the two cochins together in the past and they co-parented just fine. I used a large dog crate.

As long as the two broodies can get along I would seperate them from the general population.

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