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    The Rhode Island Red chicks he sent me are not Rhode Island Reds, but rather Buff Orpingtons.

    He did not send the chicks on the arranged date or call me to set up another day for shipping. Several days later he called me after I left a third message asking him what was up. The guy was down-right rude to me on the phone and when I asked him to cancel the order he told me he had already shipped the chicks that morning. He said they would arrive the next day. My husband took another day off work and waited for the delivery, but the chicks did not come that day either. The following morning we got a call from the post office at 10 am saying they just got the box and that they do not deliver live chicks to residences. We had to go down to the post office and pick them up. Thankfully they were still alive.

    Signature Poultry included a "free" chick so I got four instead of the three I ordered. The "free" chick is so much younger that the other chicks pick on her. Now I have an extra chicken to raise that I did not need or want and I don't think I could really send her back.

    None of the chicks he sent are three months old as promised; they still have down feathers on their heads. The obviously reused cardboard box they arrived in was huge (probably meant to ship 100 day-old chicks) but only about 4 inches tall, mashed on one end, and secured with multiple twisted loops of duck tape. The three older chicks were shoved into one chamber of the 20-chamber chick crate and the tiny few-day-old chick was by herself in a second chamber. The other chambers were empty except for dried chicken poop.

    This guy was rude, and didn't do anything he promised.
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    I missed the question

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