Sil go link hens.


9 Years
Aug 10, 2012
Eastern Nebraska
So I've got 35 sil go link hens. I get two dozen a day and I'm not exactly sure if that's right or if we should be getting more. I know they are cracking them because I see egg whites and yolks in the boxes. How do I fix this? I can't afford the roll-out nesting boxes, and the mustard doesn't work, neither did the golf ball. So it would help if anyone has suggestions. I've been putting hay in the nesting boxes but I have to do it every day and it takes too much hay.
from New Mexico!

The best thing you can do is collect the eggs as quick as possible and it does help to keep some fake eggs in the boxes as well. Ones that really look real. That way they will pick and play with the fake ones and hopefully stop playing with them all together. If you can figure out who is the egg eater, you might want to rehome her so she does not teach the rest of them to eat the eggs.

Good luck and enjoy the forums!
I recently saw one eat two eggs and I slaughtered it but I keep losing eggs and I'm not sure if they're cracking them like trying to eat them or if they're cracking when they lay because I saw that happen at least once.

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