Silencing a Rooster


8 Years
Dec 23, 2011
Graham/Kapowsin, WA
I have heard a few people mention that if they keep their rooster lockind inside until the day is well on it's way that they don't crow. Is that possible? I'm suburban and not allowed to have a rooster but just curious if they really can be quieted.
If you are not allowed to have a rooster, then you should not keep one. If the law is that you can't have a rooster, then you can try to change the law legally. But, as far as keeping them quiet. Keeping them locked up inside is not a sure fire way, even if it is completely dark. The only way to keep a rooster quite is to have a vet surgically take care of it, but the roosters don't always live after the procedure.The procedure cost around $200 for one rooster.
He might stay quiet while you have him put up, but you have to let him out eventually. And guess what, then he's going to crow! My rooster crows long before the crack of dawn, while it is still pitch black outside. And he continues crowing, ALL - DAY - LONG! They don't just crow to greet the sun, they crow for a bazillion reason's, some not known to man, and for no reason at all. Just the nature of the bird.
Even when he's released back outside he may still crow. Personally if i was not allowed a rooster where I live I wouldn't try to keep one. If neighbors start complaining about the rooster they may take actions to make you legally give up all your birds.
mine's locked up (well all the chickens are in the coop at night) and he crows all day/night. I mean he's not crazy noisey all the time but no, locking up your rooster will not quiet it. at least not in my experience
Roo's are hard to give up but when crowing gets out of hand, it gets out of hand. One of my Minorcas crows super loud. I'm think about taking his voice box out!
I didn't think a Rooster could be conditioned to keep his yapper shut. I wouldn't think of having one myself. I accidentally got one in a batch and was pretty shocked when "Shelly" was standing on the railing to my 3nd floor deck and all of a sudden...."Errr Er Er Er ERRRRRRR!!!" Then once I took a realy good look at her, um...him, I saw it was OBVIOUS! I just never thought of her, um...I mean him, like that. So Shelly was actually Sheldon and Sheldon had to find a new home with an old lady who had a couple chickens and wanted to hear a rooster crowing on her little piece of land.

My husband actually said the other day, "We should move back to Wisconsin and have a chicken farm". Ohhhh...brownie points for him!! We can't though, so in the mean time I'll just have to do without.
Naturally roosters crow because they let the hens and chicks eat a whole bunch (because they lay the eggs hatch chicks ect.) so in the mornings when it's cold they crow to heat up. And probably to scare predators..?
that's my guess

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