Silkie, 4 months old, Sex?


9 Years
Dec 12, 2014
Pacific Northwest
I have been wondering for a while whether or not this little partridge pet quality silkie, Fraggle was a dude or lass. He, so we've been calling him does act like I boy but I justify it with since we have a cockrel who wants to fight he is fighting to be a dominant girl. (we had some girls fight for dominance over each other the way Fraggle is.) But upon some BYC searching I have found some things that points one way and others that points another, can anybody help? Fraggle is about 4 months old, maybe older and is smaller than our other silkie. Fraggle is bearded by the way~

(I took photos in many different places but they are all recent of today~)
I'm leaning cockerel on it, but young Silkies are notoriously difficult to sex even for experienced chicken owners, so I wouldn't give upon it just yet.
Fraggle is just so sweet and we have another silkie and they have bonded so much.... We also cant keep roosters so that sucks. We kept 4 chickens out of the batch and 2 turned out to be boys 2 girls and they all have bonded making this really hard. Thank you all though ^^

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