Silkie - Am I a roo? D:


8 Years
Aug 12, 2011
Southern New Hampshire
Got this cutie at a chicken swap. He/she's my first silkie.

It's got a small comb, at around 2months. Don't know very much about silkies, so I was hoping someone on here could help.


Sorry if it's hard to see, he/she's a squirmy little chick, lol!


Any ideas?
Well, he's stole my heart already. He makes the weirdest little peep noises. Sounds like a little bird instead of a chicken.

Good thing I live in the middle of nowhere and can have as many roos as I want.
He's a silkie mix and that comb is impressive for a youngster. I vote Roo. I have several silkie mixes (mutts) and they are super sweet critters! Congrats on your new super stud!
Ooo weird.

Maybe I didn't read the sign well enough.

Would that be why he has what I ( a chicken noob in all aspects) call brown barring on his chest?

If you look close you can kind of see it in the second picture.

Will his mixed genes show up more as he gets older?

And thank you! He's a master ant killer and I love how he walks with those feathered feet - which by the way have all the toes silkies are supposed to have (5 or 6?)

I have no idea what he's mixed with, but he appears to be mostly silkie to me, shows you how much I know!

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