Silkie and silkie cross chick colour confusion

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Basil G

5 Years
Mar 20, 2014
I was hatching some chicks from my silkie trio. I bought the females from some guy who told me that they were black, but they look more blue then black. I bought the male from some one else and they said he was black with gold leakage, which is what he looks like, but the chicks that I got from they make me start to question if they are all blue. Compared to the females the male looks black.

But all the different coloured chicks make me think that the male might be blue because I think that three are splash, three are blue, two are black and then there is the odd ball who I think came from one of my other two roosters (because hey we're all a big loving flock here and lets all hang out and live together.

the other two roosters are NHRxBO the one on the left is F1 and the one on the right is F2 and the other's son (the chick on the son's back I think is blue)

I tried to get some pictures of all of them, but they kept running around (and yes 4 of them are not silkies)

the silkies are now a week and I have 3 that look like this (splash?)

Then this is what I think is the blue

And the black

When this one hatched I was thinking it was going to be solid black or blue...

But now I don't think so the tips are white then there is this black strip and now some buff is coming in

Also the mutt has green-ish legs and beak
Any thoughts on their colour would be greatly appreciated.

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