Silkie and Sizzle Hatching Eggs (images in reply)


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5 Years
Oct 13, 2014
Greenfield, NH
Well I am striking out with eBay, and eggs have piled up! I have 1 dozen eggs available, the oldest eggs were laid on Saturday the 6th. My flock consists of Silkies, Sizzles, 1 Smooth Sizzle Showgirl. I also have 1 Mottled Cochin hen, and a Mottled D'uncle rooster in the coop so be aware you may receive crosses from these. I have Blue, Black, Splash, White, Paint, and Partridge Silkies and Sizzles.

For 1 dozen eggs I am asking $25, plus shipping for a priority flat rate medium box at $12, for a total of $37.

Thanks for looking!

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