Silkie babies--what color chicks = what as adults

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11 Years
Aug 10, 2008
Northeast Fla
I have a white roo and a red hen and a splash hen. All silkies.

I have 9 babies soo far.

What color possibilities do I have? And I know that some will change as they grow older. Like the racing stripes will be partridge, someone said.

What about others?

What will black with red tinges be?

How about light yellow with a couple of black dots?

Are white silkies born white?

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Mrs. AK-Bird-Brain :

Wow... I don't know... but I sure would like to see photos of them in 4 months.

I would also like that. I would guess that the racing stripe ones are partridge, and maybe the yellow one will be white or splash. Then I would think the reddish ones came from your red hen.​
I can't sex chicks, but your babies are sooooooo beautiful! keep posting pictures; I want to see them grow up! we are getting an order of them fuzzybutts this spring. I can't WAIT!

I'm up to 12!

Maybe my husband will help me wrangle them outside this week to get some decent shots of them....oooh oooh, I shoot take them up to my photo studio. OMG, that would be sooooo cute!
I have silkies from Crackers that are almost 10 weeks old... I'm just now starting to see signs of male/female. Mostly in the comb, but some in the carriage.

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