Silkie Bantam Hen or Roo?

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May 26, 2010
Forest Lake
I need expert help. I think these birds are about 5 or 6 months old. The white is older than the buff by about a month or a month and a half. I think that they both are roo's but, really want someone to tell me they are hens!!
Thanks for your advice ! ( Now if I can figure out how to post pictures!)

Hello. I am new to this. Love the silkie pictures and I want to ask someone the same question for my own silkies. . .hens or roos??? but I can't figure out how to post a picture. How did you do it?
It was not easy!! O.k. you have to go to the top and select "upload" .. then upload your pictures. After your pictures are uploaded you need to copy the backyard chicken address ( second one) and paste it into your note.... at least that is how I did it... I tried doing this last year and did not have luck but, it worked this time! Good luck!
click on uploads and then browse. Once you find the pictures click on them to open. Once the upload page give you a thumb and an image, copy the image one and then paste it into your post. Probably just confused you, I think I confused myself
I would love to see more pictures from different angles with close-ups of the heads. Neither one looks very roo-like to me, but they seem to be nice quality birds and the better the quality of the bird the harder it is to sex a Silkie.
I can see waddles on two of them ( I think) so I am saying roo for the partridge and the black and possibly a hen for the white. However, I have a really hard time sexing mine so I am definately not an expert !
I have a few more pictures of them. The picture of the Buff's face was taken about a month ago. He/She has more feathering now. Thanks for looking!



This second batch of pictures of your buff makes me think rooster. He looks like he has streamers there and the comb area is large and slightly wrinkled.

Do you have some pictures of these two face on with the feathers pulled back? Are the combs getting wrinkled?

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