Silkie chick with injury

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5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
Help please! I have a 4 week old silkie chick that I've been nursing for what I thought was a leg injury. I come home today and it has a hole (like a belly button) on its underside. The edges are neat but there is blood coming from the hole. Today I bought the treatment for coccidia because she also had some bloody stool. She's half of the size as her litter mates. I just don't know what to do.. she chirps constantly unless we're holding her. Eating and drinking well. All but 1 of her stools yesterday were good and her limping is better. She also has a sore on top of her bad leg. She's a mess.. any advice is appreciated.
How did she get this hole (I would recommend checking the area she's in to make sure it's completely safe...) It sounds like she's getting better, so just make sure she keeps eating a drinking! (sorry I can't give much advice...) Good luck!
Happy to report that she is still much smaller but has been added to the rest of the crew and is doing great!

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