Silkie Chick With Leg Problem =(


Angel Egg
12 Years
Dec 26, 2007
This even when i got home i notice one of my silkies was on her back.. so i thought you know she fell over or something normal like that so i pick her up and put her up right again and she was standing and walking ok... then about 20 minutes later she's back on her back again so i knew something wasn't's her legs.. when she stands up now she is very wobbly and only walks to eat or drink then if she does walk for to long she falls back on her back again

So i took her out the brooder with the rest of the other chicks and put her in her own brooder and right now she's sleeping... but soon she wakes up to get a drink or something she's going to be right on her back again.... anyone no any reasons for this???

She is a month and some days old

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