Silkie chick with vent prolapse.


Mar 20, 2020
I need some advice on caring for this chick. This little one is 2 weeks old. I know this can happen easily if they are constipated, but this chick isn't. I've treated her with coconut oil to be sure, but there's absolutely no trouble pooping. I watch and it's normal and not strained.

They have grit and water with electrolytes. Probiotics added to the food and no abnormal, unhealthy behavior that I have noticed. I've treated with epsom salt baths, vetricyn, coconut oil to keep it moist and tried hydrocortisone and prep H. I'm having no luck getting any improvement. It has been like this for over a week and she did not hatch with this issue.

I've searched on here and feel I've tried all that others have done. Am I missing something? What is the opinion on this issue? Am I dealing with something life threatening if it never improves?


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It can be life threatening if the other chicks injure the prolapse. It can also be life threatening if the chick has a blockage and you aren't aware of the full extent of it.

What do the poops look like? Are they normal and look like the other chicks? How about cecal poop? Is this chick producing any of those grossly smelly droppings? Have you seen the chick poop? Does it chirp loudly and fast when it poops? Does the poop slip out easily or does it appear to be a struggle? These can give us clues as to whether the chick is still suffering from a blockage somewhere.

It's been my experience that any blockage will prevent a prolapse from resolving. Once the blockage clears, so does the prolapse.

I will wait to hear what you say about the poop before I get into suggestions for dealing with a possible continuing blockage.
It actually pooped on me when I was taking it's picture. It was soft but not runny. I will go observe for a while and get back to you with what I find. I'll try to get pictures also. The chick is with it's mother, so it gets upset when I take a look at it. I may have missed if the chirping was from pain. I will get back to you tonight.
The chick is not making any noise when it poops. And no difficulty getting it out. However, it does seem to hold it's tail down like it's pulling it's butt in toward it's legs. It's different than the others. I've attached 3 pictures that the chick produced while I had her with me. I see one looks like mucus or worms maybe? They have not been outside. I did also experience a cecal poop. There are just 3 babies. It also seems like it has no feathering on it's butt. Is it picking out the feathers because it is bothered by the vent? They are under mama, so I can't see all the behavior I would like to see.


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