Silkie chick "wobbly" and can't sit down - eating poorly - any ideas?


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I have a blue Silkie born on Tuesday. It's from Ideal Hatchery and I have five others plus some other breeds. In the middle of the night I noticed that it seemed weak. My thought, "If it lives till morning, I'll do something about it." I can see the view that "only the fittest survive" and not culling weak ones can lead to a weak flock/breed. BUT, I have a bleeding heart and a love of healing, sooo.....

It is the runt.
It is not eating well like the others. I've not seen it eat the crumbles yet.
It is observably weak.
It seems to be unable to squat/lie down and sleep.
Meaning: it seems to fall asleep standing up and then when it falls on it's face it either gets up startled or just keeps lying there, one of the two. BUT, when I inspect it's legs, they appear normal.

I am giving it Pedialyte and sugar water from a spoon; it sips it up excitedly, so this seems positive to me.
I am out of eggs -- wasn't thinking this morning when I scrambled the last three for my kids (I could have made them eat cereal -- lol)

Any suggestions on what is wrong based on the above mentioned "symptoms?"

Any suggestions for treatment?
I also thought I'd mention that it is pooping, but it's watery with a greenish tint and a white cap - other chicks are solid brown with white caps.

It just drank more Pedialyte but was done quickly and I noticed it is shaking it's head a lot - like we would do if we have water in our ears.
I have found that if I wet the crumbles with water and Poly Vi-sol mix they like it very much and will usually eat all of it. Make sure you take it out after the feeding so it does not spoil and make them sick.

Good Luck
Hi Happy.

I think we have chicks from the same hatching. One of my little Blue Silkies is have leg problems too, just the opposite. Igor (the most perfect name for this little one) can't stand and doesn't seem to be using one leg at all. The leg that does get used doesn't tuck under the body. I've been hand feeding Igor a gruel made of scrambled eggs, oatmeal, corn flour, sugar, and water. Until today, it was happily slurped up from the syringe, but Igor isn't interested today.

I don't know if this is a deformity, rickets, or just damage sustained from shipping. Igor was shipped with a couple other Silkies, but mostly larger breeds, which I think sat on him. I contacted Ideal after they arrived on Friday and they were very kind to refund me the cost of Igor and another Silkie that died shortly after I got them (and I didn't even ask them too! Great customer service.).

Good luck with your little one. Hopefully you will be able to make a difference.

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