Silkie cockerel or pullet? 3 months old



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Aug 18, 2019
Lots of pics 😃..
Is this Silkie a cockerel or pullet? 3 months, 1 week old old. Orange bits on wings hard to see in pic.
Rooster dad in front, most likely black hen mother (not in pic)..


Little Easter chick.. boy or girl??....

IMG_20210708_122813.jpg IMG_20210708_122557.jpg
IMG_20210706_124035.jpg IMG_20210706_123628.jpg
@LadiesAndJane @LynnaePB @Matilda Belle @Silkie owner 😂 .. last tag is just anyone who owns Silkies that might have a clue!
.. I'll also add that this chick was a single hatch so I have no others the same age to compare apart from past hatches.. I've never had a hen with red leakage, only roosters, so really hoping for girl!.. I love partridge colouring too!


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Well, since I'm still not 100% certain it's a pullet or cockerel I will post some more pics every now and again..
.. I can't see much of wattles at this stage.. it's absolutely pouring with rain here the last few days, poor fluffies can't find much dry ground to dig up outside of the coop area.. does help with their obscured vision though having wet crests!
He/she does have quite big feet which does concern me a little 🤔
3months 2 weeks old.. usually I can tell gender before 3 months old, always before 4months..but Easter is making things difficult for me!

Looks like a rooster. The combs on hens don't get that wide
The larger comb, thicker legs and red leakage on wings tells me cockerel since Easter was young 😬 but I'm still holding out hope it's a pullet!! I love Easter's colouring so really don't want to get rid of 'him' but 3 roosters is already too many 😩 Crest still seems like a pullet!

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