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Mar 31, 2019
picked up this beautiful boy a few weeks back! Wondering any help on his color?
hello all! Just curious..

I have a Silkie flock! Ive got some interesting colors from my first set of eggs, didn’t really expect the colors I got!

I have a Black Rooster, Buff Rooster, and Newly acquires Rooster I’ve yet to determine color on (he is not the possible father to my chicks in question)

I have 2 white hens, and a buff hen.

My first set of eggs I’ve gotten two grey chicks and a partridge. Pretty sure all three chicks came from my two white hens. Any idea why the colors are so different from their parents?

Hi there, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

That's a non standard color... not conforming to any standard of perfection color variety that I'm familiar with. Typical of crossing colors.

I would call it white with leakage.

White can hide a lot of things underneath. My guess also as to where your colorful chicks are coming from is your white hens (from another post). Also, the color often described as grey is actually Blue. I thought some of my Silkies were black because they were so dark I didn't realize they were blue until a black chick hatched.

Happy chickeneering! :wee

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