Silkie Color question - and is she really a she?


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May 17, 2010
East TN
I picked up these 2 Silkies today. I really don't know anything about silkies so I don't know if they are good quality or not. I do know that they have the 5 toes. They are both pretty in my eyes, so that's really all that matters I guess. But I would like to know if they are white and they are just really dirty or are they another color? I've seen a couple pictures of porcelain's on here and they kinda look like them. They have been outside so they could just be dirty white? I'm pretty sure that I have a roo and a hen, but I'm not certain on the hen. Any help would be great. Here are a few pictures.





Ohhh!!! I hope so!! I think the porcelains are so pretty! I forgot to add that they where born in Oct. 2010. I gave $10 for the pair, hoping I did good! LOL
I am also new to silkies but yours look like mine and the lady I got them from said they are white and they look white to me. Lol. Yes you have a roo and a hen
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^This. The off-coloring you're seeing is most likely a result of their diet (if it was containing corn/marigold) or exposure to direct sunlight.

Edited to add: Or they could just be dirty!
I forget that that is an option!
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Thanks everyone! I just went out to check on them this morning and after looking at them in the light, I think that they are just dirty. LOL Here in East TN we have alot of red clay and when I picked them up there were in a small cage on the ground, I'm sure in the clay. And I don't think that they had the best diet, some of the eggs that I received while there (from EE's) had pale yellow yolks. That's ok, they have a great home now and will be well feed and well taken care of
Now if I could just figure out how to clean them up!!!

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They are definitely roo and hen. White, just dirty. If you want them clean either bathe them or you can let them play outside in the rain, but they tend to come in muddier than they went out, at least my silkies do anyways. They love mud puddles!

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