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11 Years
Jan 16, 2009
Colbert, Ga
I started with 2 silkie chicks, but one got squished by the meaties. I am really hoping the remaining silkie is a pullet and will be a good broody.

I've read that it is really hard to tell the sex of a silkie when they are young so I haven't really been looking for any signs. But I noticed yesterday that I can see a comb on it now. It's not really big, but it is noticable. It is a blackish color, not red at all.

It is 13.5 weeks old... is that too early for a pullet comb? Or do I have to give up my broody silkie idea and tell my girls that "Fluffy" is a boy?
i have the same question. mine has very lil to no comb more or less just a bald spot right in front of the top knot. and beautiful blue ears it is about 13 weeks also

Thank you so much. That is what I was hoping. And yes she is very sweet. Guess Ill have to change her name now. We have been calling her Michael Jackson M.J. for short. Thanks for the help
I can't post a pic because I am at work. I don't have internet at home.

But my silkie looks alot like Hotttmommis, except it is buff. It's comb might be a teeny bit bigger, actually my whole chick looks to be bigger (comparing to size of the hands).
embkm, more telling than the size of the comb is appearance of wattles at an early age - easier to see on a beardless silkie. Also, the males will have really big legs and feet.

i would think at 13 weeks, if it were a roo, it would be crowing by now. i have some 11 week old silkies and two of them have been crowing for the past month.

With my very first silkies, i almost gave away a gorgeous buff. It was bigger than the rest, had larger legs and feet, and a prominent comb. Turned out to be a gorgeous pullet, one of my prettiest. So, always best to wait until it crows or lays an egg. Although it is great fun guessing!
Thanks Colleen.

I didn't notice any wattles, but I will definitely be looking at them all closely today when I transfer them from the grow-out coop to their permanant coop. This silkie is a lot bigger than the one that got squashed, and bigger than my BR bantie, but smaller than my standard sized EE's.

I have heard baby crows, but I know that I have an EE roo and an OEGB roo in the same pen. Oh well.... it's sweet so I'm keeping it. Hubby wasn't happy when I told him that if she is a he, that just means I have to get more silkies to get him some girlfriends!

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