Silkie Combs?

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    I just am wondering if anyone knows what kind of combs my silkies have?

    Willow | Rooster | Splash | Hatchery | Full Grown
    It has three prongs at the top.
    It... practically pools over his beak haha.
    (He's my most photographic chicken- holds completely still when I photograph him.)
    Gracey | Hen | Blue/Black | Hatchery | Laying
    She has the three prongs on the top of her comb too but she is hard to get pictures of and they are hidden by the fluff!
    It kind of looks like she has a fork under her fluff.
    Sunflower | Pullet | Partridge | Breeder | Not Full Grown Yet
    There's a bit more on the top, kind of like this, just not as... extravagant haha!
    Used to be like this.

    I'm thinking Willow's is a walnut comb, maybe...
    Gracey.. after some research.. a modified rose comb?
    Sunflower's... I'm at total loss!

    My guesses are probably wrong LOL. But I'd love some assistance in figuring this out! I'm just curious :)
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    They all look like modified rosecombs mixed in, it looks like Gracey has a bit of a single comb in there and the rest are modified. Even if they aren't walnut combs your silkies are pretty! :D Here's an example of a good walnut comb that also has nice dark coloring:

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