Silkie coop


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Lake Charles, LA
Can ya'll post pics of silkie specific coops? I have silkies and a brown leghorn girl in the same coop now, but I have 16 silkie eggs on the way and 3 leghorn chicks on the way. I'd like to build a coop just for my silkies. I'd like some ideas for this coop. Thanks--Shannon
Im interested in some pics too. I really would like to get silkies this spring. I have seen quite a few coops on here for silkies before but I cant find them now.

My silkies don't roost - i've tried to no avail!!

I'm currently building a new silkie house away from my other hens and will post some pics soon!!
I think Silkies are the MOST BEAUTIFUL. And why do they need a special coop. A Chicken
coop or a small barn would be a fine home for all. Love my Silkies.
My big girls in the big coop freerange all day no run. I am building a seperate coop for silkies with a nice big run as they need more protection from predators. I also have a stream running thru the property that they could drown in very easily if they were running and fell in. My coop is not done yet or I would sho pics
We have a Pond next to our Barn. Our Silkies stay in until noon. Weather permitting we
let them roam into a fenced in yard all around the Pond. The do not venture in the water.
They walk all over no problem.

We leave a small door open adjacent to the Pond and at Dusk they all go in. I go down and
close the small door.

We are researching an automatic door opener....just in case we are not at home in time ...the door will open and close automatically. Aria

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