silkie cross back to silkie roo?


11 Years
Aug 5, 2010
Evening all

Ive got a new incubator on the way and my daughter would like to hatch a couple of her favorite chickens eggs. Princess is half silkie and half egger
If she is bred back to a silkie,do i end up with all chicks silkie feathered? 50% ? will there be some sort of sex-link trait ?

she is gold laced black regular feathers ,black skin and feet,5 toe'd, black mohawk:) daddy will be a black silkie with all the regular silkie traits.

Im brushing up on my genetics and reading all the threads i can find, just havent found that answer yet


Gentically I believe the chicks will be more silkie... I suck at percentages, like 75% on silkie but your chicks should look more like the purebred than their mother. So they should have more Silkie traits since your breeding out the other breed.

But I'm taking that off what I have learn with crossing with rabbits, I did some Holland and Lionhead Crosses and was breeding out the Lionhead....

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