silkie eggs in incubator for 23 days. How long can they take?


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Oct 3, 2009
I ordered silkie eggs. I have been very carefull with them. The heat and mositure. It has been 23 days and nothing has happen. I saw one was cracked so I opened it of course it was dead. It had not taken all the egg yolk. I open another to see how long it had lived. and it was still alive. I,m sorry I,m so upset I,m not making sense, but, it looked like it was only like 18 days old from all the pictures I have seen. So how long can they take before they are ready to hatch? I have 12 more! Help please. Dorothy in Oklahoma
Your heat may be a bit low in your bator,which will cause them to take longer to hatch. Candle them to see how far along they are. Then sit on your hands for another day or 2.
This is rather strange, normally chickens hatch at 21 days in the incubator the exception is those who hatch a day to two early or late.
What are/have your temps & humidity? Did you turn them the last three days?
Sounds like either a low temp or a hot temp spike late in the incubation. I agree give them a few more days.... you have to clean the bator at some point anyway so leaving them in wont do any harm
I will be more than glad to leave them for more days. Thank you for your help
I keep losing my information when I reply Please don,t give up on me. I got a egg turner and am using the thermometer that came with it 'easy to read' but I keep the temp at 99.5 and moisture between 30 and 40. I have hatched eggs before, duck eggs that my dog brought me. She found their nest and some BR's. They did fine. My brother bought me bantam Cochins for my birthday, one of them had a deformed foot she walks on her ankle, then her knee went out. I try to brace it. Now her other leg is messing up she really can't walk now. I ordered her a diaper. She hates it I also have 3 giant cochins in the incubator with a couple of days left. So I really need to get it right.
thanks agin for your help. Dorothy

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