Silkie eggs


11 Years
May 10, 2008
Emmet TWP, MI
My youngest (4) has a now 16 week old white silkie. Since my older birds have started laying 3 weeks ago he asks every day if Yoda has laid an egg. Last night when I picked up my white rock egg and my Isa egg I spotted a tiny something in another box. Woooohooo
it was a silkie egg! I ran back up to the house and my Dh asked what the heck was wrong. I showed him and he got excited and called the boys in. We showed them and the youngest jumped up and down "YODA LAID AN EGG, YODA LAID AN EGG. Can I eat it?" I told him he would have to wait till breakfast. We are so happy for him!
Cute story. He'll remember that breakfast.
Did your silkie use a nest box or have it in the corner on the floor the way my silkie did. Mine wouldn't use a box that I'd put down for her.
She was a good little girl and used the nest box. She has been watching the big girls do it for a couple of weeks. Right after one jumps out she would jump in while it was still warm and just sit there till the other bumped her out. I am just surprised that she laid in a different box than the big girls.
I remember getting my first Silkie egg.

I had raised two RIR's and two Barred Rocks prior to getting my Silkies, so I was used to the big brown eggs.

Well when my first Silkie laid an egg, in comparison to the big brown one I was accustomed to, it looked itsy bitsy tee tiny. I took it inside, and immediately heated up the skillet. Broke it open, and all but fell out lauging at how small the yolk was. My partner came running out asking what I was laughing so hard at. Apparently it wasn't as funny to others as it was too me.

But who cares! I got a good laugh out of it! LOL

Now I used them for everything. Baking, cooking, etc... (When I'm not hatching of course!)

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