Silkie Flock Dispersal


12 Years
Feb 6, 2007
I have made the difficult decision to sell my Silkie Flock. The flock is predominately bearded whites, bearded paints, a couple of true blacks and darks from paint breeding. The is comprised of about 45 birds, most are adults and 8 juveniles. The sale will include waterers, feeders, cages, carriers, etc. All older non producing birds will remain with me to live out their lives.

There is also an 8 X 16 building that with some work can be disassembled and moved for an additional cost.

The flock was just NPIP tested a few days ago.

Please don't contact me about buying bits and pieces.

Due to the number of birds involved shipping will not be possible.

There are seven of the wire cages, three carriers, about 20 PVC feeders, about 6 of the chick feeders, there are a few black tub feeders and a GQF incubator. If I forgot to mention it before there are about ten live shipping boxes, some for two, some for four. There is a lot of bird related stuff. Of course a little has to remain for the older birds and their care but the rest goes.
Before I close this sale I needed to say something. If Holly is any thing like Jonathon and the crew he brought over here today then I can relax and know that they are in good hands. Thank you, both.

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