Silkie Gender?

That silkie is too young to sex for sure. Silkies are one of the hardest breeds to sex so I'd wait a couple more weeks. But, it is looking mighty suspicious to me due to the large comb.
Ack! I was worried about that comb.... My no-doubt-about-it silkie rooster has a much smaller comb than this character has already developed. Sigh. I have so MANY roosters! I should be kept apart from all chickens until their first egg is safely on the nest. This is because I get so involved with them as individuals, that when the time comes to get rid of one, I can hardly do it! I am a terrible bleeding-heart. All they have to do is appear to like me, and they have my utter loyalty. Pathetic, honestly.

Thank you!
If you don't want all the roosters, you can buy pullets at point of lay, or laying hens. With silkies being so hard to ID gender- it's the best way to avoid the rooster problem.

I'm thinking yours is a roo because of the comb at this age. He is very young but, his comb isn't going to shrink.

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