Silkie--is this a rooster?!


8 Years
Sep 18, 2014
So..I got these two at a swap meet this morning. I thought they were both girls. I paid extra for two girls. The seller though they were both girls...
I get home, open the box, and maybe I'm losing my touch, or I'm paranoid...but does that look like a cockerel or a pullet? Can pullets HAVE that sprig off the back of the crest? HELP. I feel so stupid and now I only have two chickens and no resource to get another nice pullet.
I think that's probably a cockerel, mainly given the red coloring on the wings. Can you get a profile shot of the bird? It's hard to tell if those are streamers from the angle of the pictures.
I think you're right. And that was my first tip off when I pulled him out of the box at home--ONE streamer. I was like....Oh...Great.
I'm p.o. I drove all the way back to the swap to try to exchange him and the ONLY vendor to be gone? Silkie man. I paid extra for a pullet. I also feel pretty dumb.
After all my years in 4-H...I knew better. Apparently months without chickens has made me soft in my old age.
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I'm leaning towards it being a cockerel. However, it is hard to tell gender with most Silkies until they either crow or lay.
A photo from the side would help. The crest, at least to me, looks fairly feminine, as does the comb. However, the red on the wings makes me think cockerel.

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