Silkie keeps opening mouth


Jul 13, 2019
hi everyone!
I have a silkie who keeps opening his mouth, I’m a new chicken Mom. I’m concerned about him. He opens his mouth and he does this when I pick him up or he’s in my lap .
Thank you all for you’re help
He could have a respiratory infection. Gape worm is another possibility but the respiratory infections are much more common.
Are his nose holes blocked at all? That would be the first thing to check.
You may want to update your profile with your location, helps knowing your weather conditions, supply availability, predator possiblitites, time zone when responding.

My first thought is it's hot and stress of being picked up. Is it warm/hot where you're at? My girls pant when it's hot or stressed, ice in their waterer helps and cool treats (melon)
Is this your only chicken? If not, is this the only one that's doing it? When you say he opens his mouth, do you mean he keeps it open, like he's panting? Or does he stretch it open big like a yawn and then shut it? Does he only do it when you hold him or he's on your lap, or all the time, even when he's walking about?

What do you feed him? How old is he? Can you post a video to YouTube or someplace similar and then post the link here? Thanks.

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