silkie meat?

If you look up what the Chinese did sub the silkies, it will say that they thought the black skin and black bones had medicinal value to it. As for the meat I have never eaten one to know for sure but I am sure someday I will. I figure what the hay, gotta taste like chicken
thanks. i am getting a bunch of culls from a friend doing a breeding project. I will keep several, but i know i will wind up with a ton of roos, and she cant kill or eat them, so as long as i do it humanly, which of course i will, i will be investigating and posting in about 3 months. thanks guys
My understanding from a little bit of reading about Silkies is that the meat is also black, or at least very dark. I also read that Silkies are rarely eaten in the US, but that a number of Asian cultures will eat them. I would think that whether or not you would want to eat a Silkies is more about what the meat looks like than what the taste would be.
I have seen a lot of frozen ones at Asian markets and had the soup before but did not eat the chicken. I think the meat is dark also. Now that I have some silkies (and I am not eating them), I don't think the ones from the market are pure breeds.
dark meat. I had some little bitty roos with huge double breasts, cutest darn things ever. I would have butchered one to try but sold them for 15.00 each on CL
Mmm silkies.

The market ones in asian markets are of the white feathered variety. If they did not have dark skin, dark bones, 5 toes and head on, they would be rejected by many as not being "pure". Many of the "fancier" show birds make TERRIBLE marketing to the asian meat market because they are not the "silkies" they know. Light skin or large body is not very desired medicinally.

As for the meat color, the darkness is the protein in the connective tissues. So where ever there is more connective tissue, there is mark dark.

Often, the meat is not eaten in the end soup produce because it has been cooked with other herbs and stuff to make a bitter concoction.

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