Silkie moms are the best


11 Years
Jul 7, 2008
Central Florida
I have a Silkie mommy hatch eggs out 2 weeks ago. First time hatch for her, she is only 9 months old but she was determined to sit, so I finally gave up and left her with eggs. 5 perfect little chicks hatched and all was well. My BFF comes over yesterday with a "surprise" . She bought me 6 Silkie babies and 2 Polish babies when she went to buy herself some BLRW. I'm hugely excited but I have to leave town for the weekend, so what am I going to do with fuzzy butts? I have no brooder ready, I can't take them where I am going.... what to do, what to do?

Yup, I stuck em out there under the mommy with the other 5 babies and she immediately accepted them. Fluffed her wings out further, made her chirp chirp sounds to the babies and under they went. This mommy is a little silkie and she is covering 13 chicks like a champ. Pictures of the crew when I come home


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