silkie plucked a little from full sized birds


10 Years
Jul 29, 2010
New Glarus
So my full sized birds plucked the back of my silkie. That was 2 weeks ago or so and the feathers are starting to come back in and besides one crabby bird, all are gettting along great. (the other one chases her once in a blue moon) Once she got beat up the first time she stopped laying... but this is a silkie and not the most reliable layers. When shoudl I expect her to start laying again or is this a great stress for her? She and my other younger birds hang together and get along great.

Any ideas? Dont think she is broody because she is not sitting in one spot etc.
She could start laying at any time, or because of the plucking it could take some time. You may see some increased feather growth and some resumption of laying by increasing her protein intake. Feather re-growth takes an enormous amount of resources that she simply may not have. Up her protein and see if that doesn't help.

Good luck.

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