silkie quality from mypetchicken


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Mar 24, 2010
Hollis, New Hampshire
first of all, i'm not sure if this is the right place to put this
. anyway, i'm ordering some partridge silkies(i may as well add that i'm ordering buff brahmas , too) from and i was wondering what kind of quality they are, if anyone has experiencewith this hatchery? it doesn't matter so much, but if anyone has pictures of these breeds purchased from mypetchicken, i'd love to see them!
thanks in advance.
Many folks will tell you that any hatchery bird is junk and you shouldn't bother. But I have some from a hatchery (not MPC) and most are turning out to be decent little birds! If you aren't planning on showing them, it shouldn't matter in the least. Good luck!
I have ordered from MPC on two occasions because I wanted a small amount and I was satisfied but then I do not care to show and am more easily pleased than some. Other hatcheries that I have used, Stombergers in the midwest is OK but I prefer dealing with Ideal in Texas because the operators are nice and I have not been disappointed in their birds so far.
This is my Silkie from MPC. She may not be show quality, but she was fluffier and prettier than most hatchery Silkies that I've seen. Sorry I don't have a better pic.

she's very pretty
no, she isn't exactly show quality, but she looks better than the partridge silkie pics they had on the website! does anyone know how the speckled sussex are? i changed my order from brahmas to sussex

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